Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Really fantastic stuff


I swore (again!) that I would not stoop so low as to use "stuff" in my blog, and here I am only on my second post and it's in the title already. But I've deleted and pondered it and really cant find a better word in this instance - any suggestions?!

I am currently reading a book - Marketing to the Social Web which is fascinating, but not in the way that you might expect. The book details how the new social web is opening up new ways of communication and new channels to (and from!) market, at the same time causing the need to revisit and overhaul age-old marketing principles. It is an excellent book.

The reason I find it fascinating is that over the past year or so my interest in the social web and the whole online community captivation has grown and grown to almost an obsession; much of what Larry Weber (the author) says I find myself saying out loud "yes, thats what I've been saying", which is not a good thing if you are on a train, believe me!

I dont think I have ever encountered a book that so well distills a lot of thoughts and ideas that I had, in such a concise and usable way. And business books almost NEVER hold my attention!

So come on all you blue chips and big brands, sit up, listen to your audience, customer communication is now, more than ever before, a two-way channel. Ignore it at your peril.

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