Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Ok, I've finally gone and done it. Finally gotten round to listening to my own advice and started my own blog.


Has global warming slowed down?
Has President Bush shot up in the popularity ranks?
Has it even stopped raining?

I doubt it.

But that's not why i've started this.

I often post comments on other's blogs and want to point them back to my own (unpublished) thoughts. Thats one reason, but more importantly, my head is always awash with thoughts, ideas, plans and schemes, all at various stages of development; from embryonic to fully-formed, go-get-em offerings that need unleashing, or at least, airing in the cold air of day to see if they look (and more importantly, function!) at least half as well as they looked on the inside.

So, please, comment, criticise, jeer and praise at your leisure - 'cos if the only person reading this is me, then its going to be a pretty one-sided arrangement!

The need to start a blog (although to confess I did start a personal one several years ago, but it was too narrow focussed and my interest waned) has grown daily over the past month to the point that I could (almost) sit and write an entry for each day I've missed, all in one sitting! But now I have the benefit of retrospect, many of those flash thoughts and observations seem dull and tarnished, so anew it must be - bring on the shiny thoughts!

toodle-pip - thanks for reading!

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David said...

Three jeers for shiny thoughts!