Monday, 11 February 2008

Disability inconsideration...

Is this really how much space a marketing flyer can offer its disabled audience?

I find this quite appalling from both a design and usability perspective; I would like to think that the designers of this promotional flyer would surely not have promoted themselves or any element of the information within it at this size (I reckon the point size of the type is no more than 1 point, it doesnt even show against the ruler!) so why even bother?!

Is it an example of token disability conformance? More likely a total misunderstanding of what their audience need and want.

One of the most common usability issues that websites can address is that of improved readability, yet when it comes to print, few companies do anything about it. I get frustrated when we come across websites that have been developed that completely ignore usability and accessibility issues; it is not just about adhering to another set of guidelines (the DDA in this case), but because it demonstrates a lack of understanding (or consideration?) of who exactly the audience might be, and what they want and might need.

And, back to my point, the fact that this flyer was from the TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising event) is even more shocking IMHO.

Maybe one of the technologies I shall see at the event on Wednesday will be a hi-tech magnifying glass to read the aforementioned flyer!